"After buying my first restaurant in 2005, i was ready to embark on a new adventure. Mom and Dad believe enough and had faith in me to support and help make this happen, without them none of this would be possible. To my parents Costa and Dora, I can never thank you enough, you are my heroes."

Coming from a tight knit family and having the priviledge of making it to pro football has proven one thing to me, proper values and support can lead to any success! Eggspress is a testament to family and has these 3 core values as it’s mission: People - Process - Product

People: At the heart of it all, relationships define families, friendships, partnerships, customers, etc... We listen in order to grow and build with each other

Process: A gardener at heart, Dad taught me a valuable lesson “don’t rush nature and learn to cultivate and nurture”, We stick to the basics and follow a plan that benefits everybody.

Product: I wore my football jersey with my name on the back with pride, that’s the example we follow, we stand by the quality of our ingredients and won’t settle for a product or service that is not deserving of our customers.